In compliance with the legal information obligation, users are hereby informed that is an Internet domain owned by Iñaki Jauregui Navarro.

Last update: 22/02/2019

Identifying Information of the owner of the domain and intelectual property

Name: Iñaki Jauregui Navarro 

Tax ID: 34099172Q

Address: Street  Okendo 5, 4 B – 20004, SAN SEBASTIÁN, GIPUZKOA – SPAIN.

Tel: 943426346


Professional association number: 3.247 

Professional Association: Association of Lawyers of Gipuzkoa 

Professional academic title: Degree in Law 

Place of expedition of the academic title: San Sebastián 


Identifying Information of the owner of the exploitation rights

Corporate Name: LEX PROGRAM ONLINE, S.L.

Tax ID: B75213181

Registration Data: REGISTRO MERCANTIL DE GIPUZKOA. Volume 2882, sheet 147, page SS 41292.

Commercial Name: LEXPROGRAM


Tel: 943426346



This legal notice is to inform users of the general conditions for access and to consult the services offered by the website. Iñaki Jauregui Navarro reserves the right to modify them with no prior warning. When visitors or users access and utilise said services, this entails full acceptance, without reservations, of said general conditions. The visitor undertakes to use this website pursuant to these general conditions, the Law, public order, and generally accepted morals and good practise. It is forbidden to use email for unsolicited mass email sending activities (spam), as well as to send any content or opinion that violates laws in force.


In the event that any of these conditions are violated, or any contents in the legal notice Iñaki Jauregui Navarro reserves the right to take the legal measures it deems suitable to protect its legitimate rights, including the RIGHT OF EXCLUSION, which consists of denying or revoking access to its Site and/or the services offered, with no need for prior warning. 

It is hereby stated that this website is not especially intended for minors.



Institutional Statement on the Data Protection Policy

Iñaki Jauregui Navarro in compliance with legal regulations and GDPR principles has a system to protect natural persons’ right to privacy. We have established that the automated personal data collection and processing policy is based on the principles of the Regulation, essentially legitimate interest and informed prior and express consent.

In any event, Iñaki Jauregui Navarro applies the principle of the legitimate interest of the personal data controller or of a third party, which may act as the legal basis for processing, provided that the rights, interests and/or freedoms of the interested party do not prevail over it. This principle is not applicable to public authorities.

The purpose of the collected data is to interact with the user and answer their queries, to send, by traditional and electronic means, information on our products and services, or simply to send information we believe is of interest to you, without invasive advertising, to use applied marketing tools, to assess a job position at our entity and/or any other services related to the activity conducted by Iñaki Jauregui Navarrothat we may deem to be of your interest. 

Iñaki Jauregui Navarro undertakes to strictly comply with the GDPR, with proactive responsibility, ALWAYS protecting its users’ right to privacy first and foremost.

Unless specifically established otherwise, it is necessary to complete all data requested, given that without them, Iñaki Jauregui Navarro cannot conduct the services requested by the user.

We are committed to applying all necessary technical and organisational measures based on the security risks and level of data protection required. We wish to insist that we only process identifying data, and under no circumstances are personal data under a special-protection category that could affect your right to privacy processed without encryption, always complying with all GDPR requirements. 

All of this is based on the principle of data minimisation, in order to guarantee confidentiality, integrity and security of personal data, to avoid their loss, alteration, processing or unauthorised processing. To this end, we have analysed the current state of technology and the kind of data stored. Even so, we hereby warn the user to be aware that security on the Internet is not guaranteed. 

Merely accessing content on the website does not mean data processing.

Iñaki Jauregui Navarro only processes the data that the user voluntarily provides when he/she completes a company form by any means (form, email, telephone). These data shall be included in a file owned by Iñaki Jauregui Navarro and shall be processed confidentially, so as to respond to the user’s request under the best conditions, with efficacy and quality. Said data shall never be shared with third parties, unless expressly requested by the user. The user may exercise rights to access, rectify, limit, oppose, portability and deletion by sending an email to or sending a written request to the address street Okendo  5, 4º B – 20004, SAN SEBASTIÁN, GUIPUZKOA – SPAIN.

The personal data controller is Iñaki Jauregui Navarro with Tax ID Number 34099172Q and headquartered at street Okendo  5, 4º B – 20004, SAN SEBASTIÁN, GUIPUZKOA – SPAIN.

Our Privacy Policy is adapted to Spanish and European regulations in force on personal data protection online and based on comprehensive compliance with (EU) Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council, dated 27 April 2016, on the protection of natural persons regarding personal data processing and the free circulation of these data, repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).



Principles applicable to personal data processing

The user’s personal data will be processed pursuant to principles set forth in Art. 5 of the GDPR:

  • Principle of lawfulness, fairness and transparency: the User’s consent is required at all times after receiving completely transparent information on the purposes for which his/her personal data is collected.
  • Principle of limitation of purpose: personal data are collected for determined, explicit and lawful purposes.
  • Principle of data minimisation: only the personal data strictly necessary for the purposes for which they are processed are collected.
  • Principle of exactness: personal data must be exact and always updated.
  • Principle of limitation on retention period:the personal data shall be kept so as to identify the user for the time necessary for the purposes of processing.
  • Principle of integrity and confidentiality: the security and confidentiality of personal data processing is guaranteed at all times.
  • Principle of proactive responsibility: the data controller is responsible for ensuring that personal data are processed legally, faithfully and transparently, limiting their purpose, and that they are exact and updated, complying with the data minimisation principle, that they are integral and confidential and that the storage period is limited, and the controller must be able to prove all of the aforementioned.


Personal data retention periods. Legal exemptions for processing.

Personal data shall be saved in our files, duly protected, and shall remain in our files the time necessary to comply with their purpose and laws in force. Your data shall not be provided to any third party, except to pertinent administrative or legal authorities who may require them in compliance with applicable regulations.


Personal data secrecy and security

Iñaki Jauregui Navarro has taken the physical, technical and management measures necessary to maintain the required security level, based on the type of personal data processed and the processing circumstances, so as to prevent, to the extent possible, and always depending on the state of the art, the alteration, loss and unauthorised processing or access of said personal data.

Liability limitation

Iñaki Jauregui Navarro shall not be held liable for any possible future harm and damages that may be caused to the user, due to:


  • Viruses, or other elements on the website that may alter the user’s IT system, PC, router, etc.


  • External factors, such as the transfer of information over the Internet that is not entirely secure, as there may be contingencies in the transfer of information, such as loss of data or unauthorised third-party access.



The website may provide technical link instruments to users, which allow users to access websites and webpages belonging to or managed by third parties. The only purpose of installing these links on the webpage is to provide users with access to the information.

The establishment of a link does not imply any relationship between Iñaki Jauregui Navarro and the owner of the linked webpage, nor the approval of Iñaki Jauregui Navarro of its contents and/or services, and the owner is the only party responsible for them. To guarantee your security, we have verified the security of the link at the moment of its creation. However, we cannot guarantee later third-party changes. We certify that we have received no report of incidents with said links. The User must therefore use caution when assessing and using the information, contents and services on the linked webpages. For all of the aforementioned, Iñaki Jauregui Navarro shall not be held liable in any way for the information and services that may be offered through these linked pages. 

Moreover, possible future references that may be made on this website to any product, service, process, hypertext or any other information using the brand, commercial name or manufacturer or supplier owned by third parties, does not constitute or imply support, sponsorship or recommendation by Iñaki Jauregui Navarro.


This website and the pages it contains are the intellectual and/or industrial property of their creators, or if applicable, of their grantees and/or license holders. Exploitation rights include texts, images, icons, videos, sound archives, designs and IT code, and may also coexist with other industrial property rights, since the site has protected marks, commercial names and industrial design. This content cannot be reproduced, exploited, copied, modified, communicated, shared or distributed for economic exploitation purposes without express authorisation and written consent from the owner of the rights.

The holder of the rights claims ownership, and hereby warns that infringement upon intellectual and/or industrial rights may be reported and legal action taken.


Iñaki Jauregui Navarro reserves the right to file civil or criminal suits that it deems necessary for undue use of the website or for failure to comply with these conditions.

The relationship between the user and Iñaki Jauregui Navarro is governed by regulations in force, applicable in the territory where the owner is headquartered. If any problem or conflict were to arise in relation to the interpretation/application of these conditions, the parties shall submit the conflict to ordinary jurisdiction where the address indicated on the website is registered, such that they submit to the judges and courts applicable pursuant to law.



© Legal texts under license. (

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