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We have grouped our website’s function and customisation cookies. Technical cookies allow the user to browse a webpage/platform/application and use the options/services that are available. Customisation cookies allow the user to access the service with some general pre-defined characteristics, based on a series of criteria on the user’s device (for example, selected language, device settings, etc.).

Statistical cookies

These are cookies that either we or third parties process, so we can quantify the number of users, and thus measure and statistically analyse how users utilise the provided service. To do so, their browsing habits on our webpage are analysed in order to improve the products or services offered.

Marketing Cookies

For the user’s benefit, we have grouped advertising cookies, behavioural study cookies and cookies from external social media, since they are the most invasive to users’ right to privacy, given that they can profile the individual, their behaviour, socio-politicalideas and religious ideas. Advertising cookies: These make advertising more attractive to users and more valuable for publishers and advertisers. They are normally used to select advertisements based on content that is relevant to a user, to improve campaign performance reports and to prevent showing advertisements the user has already seen. Behavioural study cookies : These cookies store information on the user’s behaviour, which is obtained by observing their browsing habits. External social media cookies: These are used so that visitors can interact with content from different social media platforms, generated only for users of said social platforms.


These cookies we were unable to classify. We recommend deactivating them.

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This website uses its own cookies and/or third-party cookies to improve our services and your user experience. From here on out and at any time, you can use EZYCOOKIE to adjust settings on our page and manage your cookie storage preferences.
We recommend adjusting settings from the start.

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