EZYCOOKIE is very simple, both to install AND TO USE. Follow the steps below and you will be able to use our tool.

Api Key

Enter your personal email address and request the pertinent Api Key (an Api Key is and ID whose purpose is both to authenticate the user and to use the services provided on our webpage). It is issued to control licenses and for safety purposes, and it unique. Only the user can generate it from the website, and each new installation requires the pertinent software license.

Register the Site

After logging in, you must register your website and generate the Api Key.


Conduct the pertinent download.


Adjust Ezycookie’s settings based on your preferences (see screenshots to view options and settings mode).


Through the form, this incorporates your website’s cookies with your main functionality and features.

Modify Settings

You can modify initial settings at any time

That’s it!

Now you can start using Ezycookie.

EzyCookie Waiting

This website uses its own cookies and/or third-party cookies to improve our services and your user experience. From here on out and at any time, you can use EZYCOOKIE to adjust settings on our page and manage your cookie storage preferences.
We recommend adjusting settings from the start.

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