What is Ezycookie?


The only one that strictly complies with the GDPR


Ezycookie is a tool (API) the strictly complies with the principles and rules set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With this tool, the owner of the webpage, wherever it is installed, makes it so the user can select the cookies he/she wishes to install on their devices at all times.

From the moment the user accesses the webpage and as long as they remain on the website, they can easily accept, reject and delete cookies. Moreover, the user can modify original settings and delete existing cookies being stored and data obtained from initial settings. In this regard, the user is the real holder of his/her personal data.


Ezycookie stands out from other tools, thanks to its availability. This is because the user can access it at all times to interact and define privacy limits at all times, and to easily select their preferences. It is also due to its ease of use, since it is a simple and clear tools that the webpage provides to the user. Moreover, it contains all the information necessary that duly informed users should have to make the decision that best suits them as far as the use of cookies is concerned.

Finally, before any initial personal data processing or cookie configuration, Ezycookie requests the user’s explicit consent by means of an affirmative, positive and clear action. If the user says nothing in this regard, it is understood that their consent has not been granted.


Initial configuration

In the initial configuration, the webpage owner pre-configures their Cookie Policy, and the user can change it simply and easily. Cookies are grouped based on their purpose, divided into operational cookies, statistical cookies, advertising and/or profile cookies, and finally, unclassified cookies.


EZYCOOKIE’s features and functions include:

Comprehensive Compliance

Comprehensive, literal and precise compliance with the GDPR.

“Polite” or “Funny” modality

The owner of the webpage can put the settings for the tool in text mode or with a graphic interface, depending on the type of page in question or how serious the owner of the webpage wants to be.

PRO Version

With the PRO (paid) version, the owner of the webpage can change the “COOKIES” banner in the formal mode to adapt the font and colour to their corporate image. The cookie layer can also be placed on the other side of the screen.

Welcome Message

EZYCOOKIE welcome message; asking the user what they want to do.


This redirects the user to the website cookie policy to obtain further information.


Classification of cookies based on name, function, features and expiry.

Accept Cookies

Option to accept cookies.

Reject Cookies

Option to reject cookies.

Set Preferences

Option to set cookie preferences.

Delete Cookies

Option to delete cookies

Withdraw Consent

Option to withdraw user consent previously granted.

Manual Block

Option to manually block scripts.


Option to load the page after accepting cookies without modifying the user’s settings in any way.

Graphic Animation

With the Funny version, Ezycookie graphic animation once the user accepts, configures or rejects cookies.


Option to reject cookies.

EzyCookie Waiting

This website uses its own cookies and/or third-party cookies to improve our services and your user experience. From here on out and at any time, you can use EZYCOOKIE to adjust settings on our page and manage your cookie storage preferences.
We recommend adjusting settings from the start.

What do you want to do?



Data and functional cookies

Data and statistical cookies

Data and marketing cookies

Data and unclassified cookies